Aktivní účast dětí a mladých lidí

Hear by Right
Hear by Right is a tried and tested standards framework for organisations across the statutory and voluntary sectors to assess and improve practice and policy on the active involvement of children and young people.

It uses measurable standards to map the current level of young people's participation across a wide range of service providers and then strategically develop an action plan to further this.

The Hear by Right standards framework is designed to help secure sustained and beneficial participation of children and young people and to encourage continual improvement in an organisation’s activities. It is intended to be applied to all services that affect children and young people, directly or indirectly. The framework encourages inclusion of a wide range of children and young people, while urging care in choosing approaches appropriate to different ages, abilities and understanding.

Hear by Right is based around the Seven S model for organisational change: Shared values; Strategy; Structure; Systems; Staff; Skills and knowledge and Style of leadership. For each of these seven standards, there are seven indicators. The standards are split into three levels of performance, emerging, established and advanced with each building upon the previous one. This ensures that young people's involvement is built in and not just bolted on. There are certain requirements that need to be met in order to meet each performance level.

The standards framework forms a practical, evidence based model of how to achieve change in an organisation, showing how each relies on the other to move forward. The shared values are at the core of the framework and are vital when developing a shared dialogue between service providers and their users. The standards require self-assessment and are all evidence based. Evidence may be from paper, verbal records or direct observation and it may be gained from practitioners, managers, elected members or trustees (depending on the context) as well as, crucially, from children and young people themselves.

Hear by Right is a flexible tool and the wide range of users is testament to this. The standards framework has been used within Local Authorities, Health providers, Education environments, the Voluntary, Community and Third sector as well as part of the implementation of Children's Trusts.

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